Our exterior services range from decks to partial exteriors all the way to complete homes.


Preparation work for exterior painting or staining normally starts with powerwashing.  This is followed by scraping, sanding, patching and caulking depending on the type of siding or substrate. If there are any stains or bare wood, they would be primed and then the surface is ready for the top coat/s.


  • Eaves

  • French doors

  • Garage doors and carports

  • ​Gates

  • ​Patios, pagodas, decks

  • Playhouses

  • ​Shutters

  • ​Storages

  • Stucco

  • ​Window bars

  • Wood siding


After the power washing, preparation work and priming is completed, the house is ready to be brushed, rolled or sprayed.  

Depending on the existing paint/stain condition, one to two coats will be applied.

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